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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

1.height? 5'8 2.fav brand of garbage bags? bah, like i know / care. 3.fav number? 137102495608 4.fav time-to tha minute:)? 8:03 pm 5.fav color? purple 6.fav band? the Cure female. with other females. heh 8.fav color of m&m? brown, believe it or not color? mine's brown, but i prefer red or purple 10.fav clothing brand? um..l.e.i. jeans, but besides that, fuck 'em 11.fav type of tree? weeping willow or rowan 12.color of yer house? white and brick. i think. 13.fav grade? 5th? 14.fav animal? Panthera tigiris altaica you like hoovervilles? um, no? 16.fav food? olives 17.fav drink? coffee 18.fav disney movie? sleeping beauty 19.fav holiday? halloween. gee, i'm so goth. 20.fav street name? safety avenue. gay ass 21.fav school mascot? HA 22.what came first-the chicken er the egg? your mom. 23.fav soda? none, i dont drink soda. 24.fav magazine? 25.fav guy/girl? 26.paint or wallpaper? 27.fav pancake mix? 28.fav cologne? 29.fav perfume? 30.fav word? 31.fav sport? 32.fav coin? 33.fav football team? 34.fav nickname? 35.camel or llama? you like the proud family? 37.fav guy name? 38.fav girl name? 39.fav flavor of gum? 40.what makes you bored the most? 41.eye color? often are yah online? 43.fav type of weather? 44.fav park? 45.fav dance? 46.fav brand of fabric softener sheets? you prefer a knife, fork, or spoon? 48.which is better-Mr Pibb, Dr Pepper, or a&w? do you make things look old? 50.mary kate or ashley? corey and tapenga married or jus engaged, or neither? 52.should kenny's neighbors put christmas lights on their dirt mound in front of their house? 53.plastic or paper bags? 54.fav disney show? you like to bowl? 56.grand canyon, or guy bending over? 57.whats yer middle name? cheerleading a sport? 59.carpeted or wood floors? 60.paint or wall paper? 61.does duct tape fix everything? or regular mail? 63.sunrise or sunset? 64.lake or ocean? 65.waterskiing, or regular skiing?, or mini golf? 67.fav song? or computer? and white, or colored? 70.fav vegetable? you have a b/f or g/f? 72.who do you like? 73.fav kind of flower? 74.fav year? 75.fav shoe brand? 76.fav type of music? 77.know any new words i could start using? 78.fav gemstone? 79.fav dwarf? you have any piercings? you have any tatoos? 82.whats yer fav color of socks? 83.whats yer fav outfit? 84.stripes or plaid? you like when the doorbell rings? 86.who put the bop in the bop shoe bop shoe bop? a tomatoe a veggie or a fruit? 88.who are social service people? 89.fav insect? 90.fav class? 91.fav shape? 92.fav laundry detergent? 93.fav barbie? many people do you have on yer list? 95.fav flavor of chapstick? 96.fav game? 97.fav mouse? 98.fav hair style? 99.fav actor? 100.fav actress? 101.fav car? 102.fav ice cream flavor? 103.fav place to go on vacation? 104.fav kind of candy? 105.fav computer game? 106.fav board game? 107.fav street sign? 108.have you ever jacked a street sign? 109.fav person to talk to? 110.fav hero? 111.fav cartoon? 112.fav christmas character? 113.fav fruit? 114.chocolate or vanilla? 115.fav language? 116.fav athlete? 117.fav island? 118.fav season? 119.fav cereal? 120.fav article of clothing? 121.fav bird? 122.what do you like best: snow, rain, sleet, sun, etc..? 123.whos yer closest friend? you have any bro's or sis's? 125.motorcycle or crotch rocket? 126.fav kind of tooth paste? 127.fav christmas song? 128.why do you like yer crush? 129.whos yer sweetest/most caring friend? 130.whos yer loudest friend? 131.whos yer funniest friend? you like 133.whatta bout nacho cheese(cheese that aint yers?:) 134.fav kitty? 135.fav color ink? fire hydrants have their own lil world? 137.fav mall? 138.fav ride at amusement park? 139.fav symbol on periodic table? you think it would be cool if mail boxes shot lasers at eachother? 141.fav game system(playstation, etc.)? 142.fav month? 143.fav kind of nuts? 144.fav cheer? 145.pc's or mac's? 146.fav song lyric? 147.person most like you? 148.fav shaped pen? 149.crayons/colored pencils/markers? 150.fav kind of light? 151.fav room in yer house? 152.if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? 153.fav good luck charm? 154.fav toy when you were little? 155.did you ever have an imaginary friend? you hunt? 157.why did the monkey fall outta the tree? 158.fav symbol on msn? 159.are girls better with no/little/a lot of make on? 160.fav monster? you sleep with anything? 162.fav deoderant? 163.which is cooler-skateboarding or rollerblading? 164.fav thing to do when bored? 165.have you ever been arrested? 166.have you ever been ticketed? 167.have you ever got kicked out of a store? 168.what is most annoying bout yer best friend? or central air? you wanna eventually get married? 171.fav glue brand? 172.fav teacher? 173.have you ever toilet papered/egged a house? 174.has yers ever gotten that done to it? 175.have you ever broken a bone? 176.did you have yer tonsels taken out? 177.are yer christmas lights up yet? 178.whatcha gonna get me fer christmas?:) 179.what could i change my email address to? 180.fav little rascals character? 181.fav boy band? 182.fav concert you've been to? 183.what does nikkis chair look like that she claimed at my house? many days till christmas? 185.have you ever stolen anything? 186.fav spanish word? 187.whos the coolest geek? you wanna have kids? you do drugs? you drink? 191.what makes everything all better? 192.are you right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous? 193.what side of yer computer is tha mouse on? long do you think this took me to think up n type? you have a job? 196.what time do you usually wake up at? 197.are you bored yet? 198.pep rallies-cool or lame? 199.fav kind of popcicle? 200.fav color of nail polish?

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